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Somebody Cares

September 5, 2011

When I think of all the people  in the world, I

can’t help but imagine all of the needs that go

unmet. Everyday we walk past people and we

don’t smile at them we don’t say hello to them.

People are hurting and it seems like no one cares.

I was inspired to write this blog after watching

a  program called Undercover Boss. They were

at a company called Mack Trucks. The employees

had to train the CEO without knowing they were

the CEO’s. This gave the CEO a chance to learn

about the on site business operations and the

people responsible for them. If they didn’t go

inside they would never know the concerns of

the people. At the end of the show the people we given

money, trips , among other things by the company.

If we never get to know people we

will never know their struggles. If we don’t know

we can’t help. Most of the time we judge the

homeless man, or the teenage mom when we

see them.We don’t know that man lost his job

and his home. We also don’t know that teen mom

was raped by a family member and was too

ashamed to tell anyone. We don’t know what

someone goes through until we get to know them.

Imagine the loneliness they feel! Most people

don’t want to hear your advice or criticism

they just want to know “Somebody Cares.”




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